Word of the semi-week: a lacuna of sorts

Since I’ve been delinquent for the last week, I thought it fitting to post, not a word, but the lack of a word.

Not only can I not find this word in English (which glorious edifice appears dense and solid, but is as an atomic honeycomb upon close inspection), but I can’t find it in any other language, to my knowledge.

What I’m looking for is the opposite of irony.  The problem is that the word “irony” is (ironically?) often used for this concept, but in fact it’s just the opposite:  it’s something so absurdly fitting that it should hardly exist in the real world.  As any child knows, irony is what happens when something is darkly and/or humorously opposite to what you’d expect.  Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t want “irony” to be a contronym!  Poetic justice is a subset of this–the arsonist who dies in a fire, the guy who’s afraid to fly and dies on his first plane trip, etc.  I think this is a concept potent and elegant enough to deserve a distinct form.

What do you say?  Is there such a word, and have I just missed it so far in my verbal sojourns?  Comment and let me know!