Behold Cutieus Maximus

It’s Max! My life is complete!

Cute Overload

“He is informally known as Max. I got him from a shelter last September (2012,) but his beauty and universally pleasing personality have me wondering why anyone would give him away. Their loss! Elegant photo shot by my housemate.” -Ridley J.


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Word of the semi-week: debarrass

This semi-week’s word (also courtesy of the Phrontistery) is of particular delight to me because it’s a word I wanted to exist, but didn’t think did.  You see, I studied French (among other things), and “se débarrasser de” means, roughly, “to get rid of”.  So some interesting second language effects happened in my brain, and I started thinking that “debarrass” was an English word for “get rid of”.  It turns out I was right!  I was just browsing the Phrontistery’s D index and happened upon this French orphelin [=orphan].  It was very gratifying to me.

The English meaning isn’t exactly “get rid of” (it’s “to disembarrass; disentangle; free”), but I’ll take it.



I promise to get some actual writing or pithy commentary out there soon.  Does anyone know a big word for “procrastination”?